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LeTouche Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt

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LeTouche Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt
800 ml

Le Touche Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub is mineral-rich that contains high proportions of potassium, magnesium and bromide.

* Potassium helps regulate the moisture level of the skin.
* Magnesium helps promote healing.
* Bromide has a smoothing and relaxing effect.
letouche dead sea salt body scrub

The high mineral content of dead sea salt stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Regular use of salts promotes healthy skin by exfoliating and encouraging regeneration of new skin cells.  This has been enriched with ingredients derived from nature which has superb lightening action and rich emollient effect.

- Exfoliates and revitalizes the skin.
- Helps draw out toxins.
- Well known for its ability to relieve aches and pain.
- Relieve mild skin problems.
- Helps whiten and nourish skin.
Protect and maintain skin's vibrant, fresh, and Supple state.

We so love this product.  And we're very happy that we also earn money from it.  Ask me about it.

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