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Slim Secret

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Slim Secret
30 pcs/box

Secret Herbal Formula
Eliminate Fat Quickly in 7 Days

Slim Secret is the essence of a variety of natural fruit extract by low temperature extraction, and in line with the pearl powder, tea polyphenois, natural spirulina, and other green plants, refined by modern technology.  Rapid decomposition of the body fat, speed up the stubborn fat metabolism, inhibition of postprandial fat absorption, and fat absorption by fruit weight loss characteristics of fibers, selectively from intestinal and blood fat, thereby reducing the size of fat cells.  Inhibitory rebound, resulting in the loss of these elements.  Healthy quick weight loss is the latest generation of the best.

slim secret

Main ingredients:  Apple extract, peach extract, pomegranate extract, garcinia extract, blueberry extract, grape extract, green tea extract, natural spirulina, pearl powder, etc.

Usage & Dosage: One capsule once a day 30 minutes before breakfast with warm water.

Targeted Weight Loss:  Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated.

Applications:  Single obesity, weight loss rebound several times.

Functions:  Slimming, regulate blood fat, losing weight, whitening skin.

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