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Aim Global Vida! Maxx

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Aim Global Vida! Maxx
30 Vcaps

Price = 1,900 php  (free ship within Philippines)

Vida Maxx is a cardiovascular food supplement that contains two scientifically proven ingredients with Human Clinical Studies:
  • Fruitflow
  • resVida 
vida maxx

What is Fruitflow?
Fruitflow is a water-soluble, tomato based concentrate that has proprietary European Food Safety Authority Art 13.5 health claim: Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow. In 8 human trials it has shown to reduce platelet aggregation and improve blood flow within 1 hour. 

What is resVida?
resVida is high purity resveratrol that dilates arteries to normalize blood flow. Vida Maxx has the ability to maintain normal blood circulation and helps to maintain healthy platelet function important to darciovascular health. Vida Maxx starts to work as quickly as 1 hour after taking the supplement and continues to enhance normal blood circulation for up to 12 hours.
aim global vida maxx

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